Library ebooks on your iphone

 Ebook’s from the library to take with you. We are finally getting there. Below is a process for getting library books onto your iphone/ipad. So you can check ebooks out from your library and take them with you where ever you go. Kind of like physical books, right?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

An iPhone or an iPad

The latest version of the free Bluefire app

An Adobe ID used to authorize the Bluefire app (Note: you just need the ID; you don’t need Adobe Digital Editions for this to work)

A library card at a library that offers OverDrive ebooks (try looking at the Sony/OverDrive Library Finder to get started)

An email account accessible on your mobile device (as noted in the comments, you’ll have to use the native mail app on your device, not a Gmail or other app)


Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Download the title from your local public library’s OverDrive selection.

2. Locate the file you just downloaded that has the extension .acsm (which stands for Adobe Content Server Message). It will likely have the title in the filename, along with some numbers.

3. Email that file to yourself so that you’ll be able to get to it on the iPhone/iPad.

4. Fire up your email on your device, and select the attachment you just sent.

5. Choose “Open in ‘Bluefire Reader’”.

6. Choose “Read Now”.

At this point, you should be up and reading—and check out the Info page for the details on your lending period, as well as the ability to return the item once you’ve read it so others can get it sooner.


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